RESPONSE – The Response program allows us to help people & bears by responding to a bear in distress, an orphaned cub , or the need to transport a bear to an approved sanctuary. This program is available to help any person who has a concern or problem with a bear. We have over 150 trained response team volunteers.

EDUCATION – It permeates every function we perform.   From community & school programs we provide, to the literature we print, we believe that education will awaken the public to the value of preserving the black bears' right to live in harmony with humans. With a large emphasis on education to summer visitors we find this a vital link to our success.

AVERSION – With teams of trained aversion specialists all around Lake Tahoe, Truckee and beyond, the BEAR League works with local Law Enforcement and provides the tools required to keep bears out of places they do not belong. This program emphasizes Non-lethal Bear Management practices to scare our bears back into their own territory.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT - We realize cooperation is a key element to bring awareness and a sense of responsibility for living in a wilderness environment in a respectful, natural manner . The BEAR League works with many public agencies, including Environmental Protection groups, Sheriff and Police Departments, State Parks, Forest Service, Animal Control, and F&G Biologist. In addition, we work with local businesses, rental agencies, homeowner associations, schools, wildlife and other community organizations.  

POLICY DEVELOPMENT – Is a critical component to our success. We work hard to make changes to State and Local policies that are deleterious to the lives of bears . We have been successful to update the county ordinances throughout the Tahoe Basin to require bear-proof trash enclosures be installed and used properly wherever bears have gained access to garbage. With your support we have been able to update Fish & Game policy, incorporate a cub rehabilitation policy and work with several Tribal Nations.

Sponsorship Supporters will Receive:
A Framed certificate honoring your donation
An Annual Membership
A subscription to our newsletter
Recognition in the newsletter
Your Name or Business listed on our "Friends" Web page –
BEAR League Decals

How It Works:
You choose a contribution level AND an area of Sponsorship that interests you or your organization such as Education, Aversion, Response, Community Involvement or Policy Development and we will contribute your donation to that program. Remember – we are a not-for-profit organization that relies on your contribution and your donation is tax-exempt.

Contribution Levels:
Quarterly Contribution – Allows you or your organization to contribute a determined amount quarterly to our organization between -$500 - $50,000.

Annual Contribution – Allows you or your organization to contribute a determined amount once a year to our organization between $500 - $50,000.

One Time Contribution - Allows you or your organization to contribute a one-time donation between $500 - $50,000.

Want To Learn More:
Contact the BEAR League at 530 525-PAWS for an informational packet.

Print our 'Printer Friendly' Application and Send To:

The BEAR League, P.O. Box 393, Homewood, CA 96141

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