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February 8, 2006

BEAR League to the rescue

On Nov. 11, 2005, Mr. Jim Sajpak, a member of the B.E.A.R League of Homewood telephoned me
at my home in San Francisco to inform me that during a routine bear monitoring patrol of the Highlands
he discovered that a bear had broken into my home on Polaris Road. The bear had broken a window
leading to a bedroom and climbed inside.

Fortunately, we had habitually closed all our interior doors before leaving the premises so the bear
never got further than the bedroom itself. Since there was nothing for him to eat, he exited the same
way he got in without causing any other damage. However, that left the interior of the house subject
to the coming winter weather.

Mr. Sajpak not only telephoned me of the break-in, he returned later with a cut-to-size plyboard
and sealed the exposed window area from weather exposure. He saved me from the anxiety and
the necessity of immediately rushing up to Tahoe to arrange for a glass company to repair the
broken window.

Indeed, I feel fortunate to belong to the Tahoe City community where organizations as the B.E.A.R.
League with civic minded members as Mr. Sajpak. My family and I have cherished and enjoyed the
beauty of Lake Tahoe as a homeowner for well over forty years.

Organizations such as the League To Save Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Club, Tahoe City Volunteer
Firemen, and the B.E.A.R. League help to preserve a delicate environment of the beauty and
ambiance which we hope to bequest to our children and future generations to come.

Henry M. Wong

San Francisco

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