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Letter to the editor: Sunny's death a reminder that harmony doesn't exist

By Dylan Silver
Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lake Tahoe's atmosphere has changed in the town of Homewood. What was once a peaceful and tranquil community is in a rage and uproar over the killing of Sunny the bear.

She was a beautiful bear that learned to live in harmony with humans. Sunny didn't hurt anyone or anything. The name Sunny was given to her because she was a daytime bear who walked around, enjoying the sun without any fear. Her trust was unquestionable; she was very secure in her surroundings.

All of that changed when one vacation homeowner decided she was not welcome in his space. It is not up to a city person to inflict the ways of the city upon the mountain communities. All is not right with the world when one person believes he is above the law. He does not have the right to dictate what shall live and what shall die. Remember, he chose to be there.

It saddens me that someone so cruel and vicious did this to something so beautiful and wonderful. His cruel act took away an icon in Homewood. Sadly she can never be replaced. We will no longer be able to see the beautiful bear strolling around Lake Tahoe. The huge paw prints she once left are a memory and to some they will be imprints in the heart.

Sunny's legacy of trust and respect for humans will not be forgotten. In her memory, we will have bear-proof garbage cans, lock doors and windows and never leave food out. Education and stricter laws will lead to the harmony Sunny once thought existed.

The void we feel from her absence will remind us to respect wildlife as it is a gift from nature. Rest in peace our dear friend, your journey has just begun.

Willow Allie

Tracy, Calif.


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