Welcome to Bear Country

Black bears are very common in this area and have become habituated to human food and garbage. While the chances of being injured are extremely low, meeting a bear is more likely because they no longer have a strong fear of us. Feeding bears is illegal and increases the potential for property damage and the death of a bear!


You can help ensure the well-being of bears and their habitat by following the guidelines listed below. Learning to live with bears is fundamental to the quality of life to be enjoyed by visitors and residents in bear country. BEARS ARE NOT RELOCATED !

Never  feed bears or leave food out for pets, or wild creatures, to lure them up close for that perfect photo. Bears and other animals will return in an attempt to get another free meal after you have gone home. Often the next visitor has to deal with a problem which you may have created.

Dispose of your trash in bear proof containers, if available. do not overfill or stack garbage outside of the container. Be sure that the latches engage after closing the door. If bear proof containers are not available, store your garbage in your garage or similar structure until trash day. Put your trash out on the morning it will be picked up, not before. Wooden garbage can shelters are not bear proof. If not placed inside a metal bear-proof container, add pinesol to the inside of every bag of garbage before putting it out. Don't leave garbage or food in vehicles.

Always clean and store barbecues in a secured structure after each use.

Bird and hummingbird feeders attract bears day or night.


In Your Yard:

Do not run from him,
this may stimulate his instinct to chase.
Let the bear know this is YOUR territory
and he doesn't belong there.
Don't be afraid or submissive.
Yell at him, bang pots & pans, throw rocks.
Make him think you are a bigger bear
than he is!

In the Woods:

This is HIS territory but he's happy to share.
Again, don't run.
Let him know you are there.
Make eye contact but don't stare.
Pick up small children who may run,
and keep them calm.
Appreciate the experience and
move on with respect and self-confidence.

BEAR League www.savebears.org  (530) 525 - PAWS (9279)

NOTE:  County ordinances throughout the Tahoe Basin and at or above 4000 ft. elevation require bear
proof trash enclosures be installed and used properly whenever bears have gained access to garbage.