* Never Feed the Bears! Not Ever!
   Report any neighbors or visitors who are doing so to the BEAR    League.

* Make birdfeeders inaccessible to bears or take them down.

* Do not leave accessible windows or doors open. Screens are not bear-proof.

* Be sure your doors are solid wood or metal and install and use heavy deadbolts.

* Spray Pinesol on window and door casings to mask food odors coming from inside. Repeat often.

* Check out deterrents at www.rexplus.com and think seriously about getting a motion activated    barking dog  device.    (Call us for advice or assistance)

* Replace single pane windows with double pane.

* If your house is not permanently occupied (if is a vacation home) it is highly recommended that
   all  food be removed between visits or rentals and while the house is unoccupied. Bears smell    spices, teas, and   other food through the walls and normal bear instinct dictates that they use
   their claws, teeth and   incredible   strength to get at it.

* Securely block access to under-house crawl spaces.

* Leave lights and radio or TV on when not at home.

* Do not use DeCon. It attracts bears.

* Don't leave any garbage near the house.

* Don't leave pet food outside and don't feed pets outside.

* Don't leave food in cars. Roll up windows and lock doors.

* Don't talk nicely to bears who come near your house. Make them think you will harm them.
   Be aggressive with them. * Use a paintball gun to scare a bear if he comes into your yard.       

* Yell or blow a boat horn to let the bear know he's unwelcome in your yard.
   When he turns to run throw a rock at him.

* Be dominant, not submissive, if a bear comes onto your property.