Team Rraining and Lectures

Into the Hidden World of Black Bears
Slide Presentation and Lecture

The BEAR League, in conjunction with our 2005 Response Team Training
invites the public to join Dr. Lynn Rogers


Dr. Lynn Rogers, also known to many as “The
Bearman”, will speak about his 35 years of
research on Black Bears in Northeastern
Minnesota. He's photographed bears in dens,
and walked with bears for 24 hours. Much of
what is known about bear behavior comes from
his research, which has redefined this
misunderstood animal. His stunning slides and
many amazing stories will change your view
of bears forever.

Lynn Rogers' current focus is bear conservation
in their increasingly urbanized environment. He
has reached millions of people through his
website, as well as
lectures and documentaries, including Animal
Planet's “The Man Who Walks With Bears”.


Friday, April 8, 7:00 p.m. at Caesars Tahoe - in partnership with
Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, South Lake Tahoe, Tickets $5, available at door

Children under 12 admitted free of charge

Saturday, April 9, 7:30 p.m., Resort at Squaw Creek
Main Ballroom, Tickets $5 at door, or in advance from the BEAR League

Children under 12 admitted free of charge

For information- BEAR League, 530-525-PAWS or

Dr. Lynn Rogers