We are pleased to honor the following members in our
Sponsorship Program

Robin and Phil Kay  /  Oksana DiRicco
Bill and Jean Lane  /  Wiesner Family
Tahoe Sierra Board of Realtors
Lori Cress  /  Joan and Ed Ferrera
Sylvia Cornish  /  Hoffman Plumbing

Gordon and Marjorie Burns
Mountain Critters  / Tahoe Quarterly
Carol Rutter  /  Bob & Diane Anderson
Sebastiani Vineyards  /  Nancy Lusk
Quinney Liebmann  / Judy Heinbaugh

Mr. & Mrs. Adolphus Andrews Jr.
St Nicolas Episcopal Church
Carla & Dave Ennis  /  Victoria Fay
Kay Fox  /  The Gang, Tahoe City
Stephen Stringham, PhD

Placer Co Fish & Game Commission
Scheidt Family  /  Robert Braddock
Animal Welfare Foundation
Susan Hobbs  /  Beverly Parkhurst
Bruce & Kathy Tavernier

We wish to Thank You - as "Supporting Sponsors" of the BEAR League

Thank you for your commitment to helping preserve
the bears right to live here in their natural habitat
and that "People Living in Harmony with Bears"
is achievable as the public becomes educated as
to the true gentle nature of the Black Bear.

Lisa Keilty  /  Christina Stoever-Young
Maryann Truitt  /  Thomas J. Perkins
DMB Highlands Group  /  Ellen Whitmore
Gordon & Chloe Sundara  /  Vicki Lund
Cindy & Randy McAyeal  / Susan Mastin

Stephen Pope  /  Tim & Jacque Avery
Ellen Rosenbaum  /  Carol & Paul Nation
Peta, James, Sarah & William Ross
Paula & Larry Shuer  /  Thomas Knapp
Mrs. James Swab  /  Sue Williamson

Incline Village General Improvement District
Susan Grau  /  The Storeā€¦Copies & More
Rebecca Woodruff  /  Cathy McClelland
Guthrie & Betty Swartz  /  Craig Young

George Vukasin  /  California Karelians
Ruth Woodruff  /  Cathy & Mike Smith  
Martha Simon  /  Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Keil
The Richardson House  /  Linda Langford
Howard & Gretchen Leach  /  Nancy Kiskis